what i’ve been up to,

I Wear Love ®

2019 — Founder. A home for creative outlets, community, and connection. We are a wellness platform focusing on topics about what fulfills us - mentally, emotionally, physically, and creatively. Launching late 2019.

The Return Over Half-Moon Pond ©

2019 — Screenwriter & Editor. The Return Over Half-Moon Pond television series in development.

Space Girl vol. 2 ©

2019 — Screenwriter. Space Girl vol. 2 short film in development.

Space Girl ©

2019 — Screenwriter. Space Girl: The Quest to Find Flower. A short film about a young woman who sets out on a journey across the universe to find out who she is and to save her family from disappearing.

School Connection

2018 - 2019 — Teacher. Developed dynamic lesson plans for 3rd & 6th grade on writing, reading, and math. Oversaw disciplinary administration, student academia, homework, tests, and positive mentorship.


2016 - Present — Freelance creative writer. Providing services in screenwriting, book editing, media blogging and design. Previously under lexingtonco.net and now under itsjosceline.com.


find my other creative profile on — ilovecreatives.com or click on my about page.

Women & Film

find me on — the Women & Film’s crew list under writer & producer.


2018 - 2019 — Micro Media Leader. Working under communications team as a micro media leader, managing the Clubhouse & Alumni Page for the non-profit’s website.


2017 — Photography, Design, & Social Media Assistant. Worked under the creative team on social media marketing, career page marketing, and design illustration.

Darling Magazine

2015 - 2016 — Photography & Creative Intern. Worked under photography editor & producer Rebekah Shannon.

Pitchfest Sony Studios

2016 — Screenwriter. Pitched thesis film, Paladis, with partner and producer Ju Lee, at Sony Studios to industry executives.

Women in Focus

2016 — Assistant & Host to Nicole Rocklin, Oscar Winner of Spotlight, during event. A women inspired film panel hosted by Chapman University.

Chapman University

2014 - 2016 — MFA Screenwriting Graduate. Dodge College of Film & Media Arts.

Newport Beach Film Festival

2014 — CEO Executive Assistant, Communications Intern, & Magazine Copywriter.